What is MultiSpot™ Nd:YAG?

  • Long pulse 1064nm laser for the treatment vascular lesions and leg veins.
  • Patient comfort and safety are enhanced with the MSP™ Technology and the continuous contact cooling.

Multiple Sequential Pulsing

  • Protects the epidermis, allowing the safe use of higher flunences.
  • Improves the efficancy in clearance of vascular lesions.


Stellar: Constant, homogeneous energy


Other systems: Spikes in energy

Technical Specifications


1064 nm


10-225 J/cm2

Pulse Duration

2-20 ms

Pulse Delay

5 -100 ms

Pulse Characteristic

Multiple Sequential Pulsing

Repetition Rate

Up to 1 Hz

Spot Size

2 x 4 mm2, φ6 mm, φ9 mm


Continuous contact cooling