Ease of Use and Versatility

PL – Pigmented Lesions

Benign epidermal lesions

VL – Vascular Lesions

Benign cutaneous vascular lesions

ST – Skin Treatments

  • Aesthetic and cosmetic applications requiring selective photothermolysis
  • Mild to moderate inflammatory Acne

HR – Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction

Stellar IPL Versatility

Stellar IPL Technology

MSP™ – Multiple Sequential Pulsing

MSP divides the IPL pulse to sub-pulses, allowing the skin to cool down between sequential sub-pulses, increasing the safety profile of the treatment and patient comfort.

OPT® – Optimal Pulse Technology

OPT keeps the pulse power level high and constant, contributing to consistent and predicted performance, optimal for skin treatments, photorejuvenation and benign pigmented lesions.


Stellar IPL Constant, homogeneous energy


Other IPL Systems Spikes in energy

AOPT – Advanced Optimal Pulse Technology

Advanced OPT allows determining different fluence level per sub-pulse when using MSP, for fine-tuned and patient-tailored treatment settings.

Technical Specifications


400 - 1200 nm


515 nm, 560 nm, 590 nm,
615 nm, 640 nm, 695 nm,
755 nm,
Acne (400-600 & 800-1200), Vascular (530-560 & 900-1200)

Pulse Duration

4-20 ms

Pulse Delay

5-150 ms

Pulse Characteristic

Multiple Sequential Pulsing

Repetition Rate

Up to 1 Hz

Spot Size

35 x 15 mm2 , 15 x 8 mm2 ,
φ6 mm


Continuons contact cooling