What is ResurFX™?

Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing

  • Effective skin resurfacing with the 1565nm non-ablative wavelength, delivered in a true fractional pattern of your choosing.
  • Patient comfort is enhanced with the option for continuous contact cooling.
  • Fast and uniform, with up to 20% coverage in one pass, ResurFX is accurate and has low downtime.
  • ResurFX can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment, or following IPL in a treatment known as Photofractional, for enhanced results.

ResurFX™ Advanced Solution

  • Versatility
    ReusrFX™ fractional scanner offers more than 600 combinations of shape, size and density, empowering you to tailor the treatment to the specific patient and their condition.

  • Presets
    ResurFX™ is readily available with pre-programmed presets for your convenience
  • CoolScan™ Technology
    ResurFX scans the fractional pattern non-sequentially, reducing bulk-heating effects, leading to a more comfortable treatment.


*Video played in slow motion

Technical Specifications


1565 nm

Pulse Energy

10-70 mJ per micro-beam

Pulse Characteristic

CoolScan™ Scanner

Pattern Shapes

Horizontal line, vertical line, square, horizontal rectangle, vertical rectangle, circle, donut, hexagon

Beam Density

50-500 micro-beams/cm2

Repetition Rate

0.5 - 2 Hz


SapphireCool, Precision

Spot Size

Up to 18 mm


Continuous contact cooling